We operate a fully staffed, 24/7 Intermodal transportation business.

 Let our infrastructure benefit your operation.

Driver Recruiting

We have an experienced recruiting team that can be put to work for your business. We can offer a variety of service options to help you grow your fleet including:

  • Regular ad placements
  • Call screening
  • Applicant engagement and follow through
  • Pre Qualification in certain carrier networks
  • Regular reports showing pipeline, sends, and contact information
  • Dedicated call lines for your company available

All information gathered on your behalf in confidential and remains proprietarily yours.



After Hours Support

Do you have a situation where you need support while your business is closed?We have experianced operations staff on duty all night long so you can get some sleep. Services include:

  • Tracking and tracing
  • Customer updates
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Email monitoring
  • General Call center fuctionality

If you have a need, we can help with almost anything.

Social Media Management

The way we connect with world has changed and a great social media presence is critical to keep your company in the public eye. But engaging in regular posting and content adding is cumbersome and distracting. Let our team manage your online presence. Services include:

  • Regular scheduled postings
  • Customized images
  • Direct interaction
  • Hiring and/or service campaigns

 Let the world know you are a modern, stable, legitimate company.

All of our services are billed monthly based on an estimated hourly commitment to meet your needs. Serving as a representative for your interests, everything we do for you is strictly confidential. Call us today at 419-365-2705 to see what we can do for you.